Golf Mk3


[Info] Pinout tablero -Conector T28- (Inglés)

Conector T28 (28 pines) | Nº pieza viejo: 357 972 530 | Nº pieza nuevo: 191 972 530 B

T28/1 Outdoor air temperature sensor, ground
T28/2 Engine overheating sensor
T28/3 Contact 31, ground
T28/4 MFA selector, reset, contact #4 at MFA controller
T28/5 Contact 31b, ground
T28/6 MFA selector , memory - not used
T28/7 Speed sensor signal
T28/8 Oil pressure 1,8 bar
T28/9 Oil pressure 0,3 bar
T28/10 ECU signal for tachometer
T28/11 Contact 30, constant +12 V
T28/12 Contact 58b, Dashboard light
T28/13 Contact 15, +12 V at ignition on
T28/14 Wore brake pads signal
T28/15 MFA selector, mode, contact #2 at MFA controller
T28/16 Contact 61, alternator starting
T28/17 Oil temperature sensor
T28/18 Sensor for: handbrake and and brake fluid level
T28/19 Outdoor air temperature sensor, signal (TO BE CONNECTED TO THE T28/19 PIN!)
T28/20 Plugs activation (DIESEL ONLY)
T28/21 Fuel level sensor
T28/22 Left turn signal
T28/23 Cooling fluid temperature sensor
T28/24 Right turn signal
T28/25 Hi beam
T28/26 Fuel consumption signal for MFA
T28/27 Hall sensor
T28/28 MFA selector, contact #3 at MFA controller